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About us

We answer planning queries for any property development using Artificial Intelligence

Navigating planning regulations used to be quite intricate, but not anymore. We offer swift answers to your development planning questions. 

PlanningHub analyses complex regulations and relevant planning applications, offering you rapid guidance. This information enables efficient project assessments, confident planning application submissions and speeds up obtaining planning permission.

What we do

We support you at all stages of property development planning

Site appraisal: before buying

  • Get planning insights for many sites
  • Check if the site is located in any restrictive planning zones
  • Check if you require planning permission for your project type    
  • Check any other planning restrictions and directives applying to your site and project type

Design: feasibility and final vision

  • Check if you need planning permission for specific site and project type
  • Get summary of project relevant planning legislation 
  • Get quick overview of what similar projects have been approved and refused nearby to avoid design rework

Planning application, consideration & appeal

  • Get insights in similar projects approved, refused and appealed nearby 
  • Get summary of project relevant planning legislation
  • Get list of all required planning application documents for your project
  • Get planning history and context for your Design and Access Statement

Regulatory planning insights are key to de-risking & speeding up your property development project

Who we support

Planning Hub is built for everyone in the property sector

  • planning queries answered in seconds
  • avoid design rework with planning insights
  • planning history and context sections for Design and Access Statement 
  • avoid delays and omissions by checking documents required for planning application
  • check potential of many sites to choose best investments
  • de-risk your project with planning insights 
  • avoid redesign and delays
  • increase chances of your planning application being approved the first time
  • support your property sales and marketing with streamlined planning report
  • establish property value confidently with planning potential insights
  • stand out among the competition by providing planning insights report
  • check if the planning application is needed before commencing works on site
  • avoid delays with checking and discharging planning in time
  • speed up your method statements and construction management plans based on similar submitted application
  • check if you need planning permission for your extension, conversion or refurb
  • check if your home is in any restrictive planning zones
  • get insights in  similar projects  approved and refused near you
  • see what you can do within permitted development rights if applicable
  • find all site-specific planning legislation instantly
  • build strong cases with relevant approved, refused planning applications and appeals 
  • Get site planning history
  • Streamline your planning reporting and communication

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