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Our AI powered planning reports provide

Site & project specific planning insights in seconds

We are revolutionising navigating planning legislation, context and applications

Our AI-powered tool examines the site location and project details. It then breaks down all the planning rules, restrictions, and past applications related to the project. This analysis is presented as an easy-to-read report which includes the key planning regulations, a list of approved and rejected applications, and a checklist of documents needed for your planning application.

No more endless searches for regulations or relevant applications. No design reworks from planning confusion. No delays due to application omissions.

Our progress

We're innovating planning across the entire UK.


Planning Hub is driven by a core team with a profound blend of expertise in architecture, planning, property development, investment, and AI technology:

Ewa Moskwiak, CEO, RIBA, ARB

RIBA Chartered Architect, property investor, and developer with over 18 years of experience. Ewa specializes in securing planning permissions for intricate urban infill property developments and is the mastermind behind the Planning Hub.

Prof. Harald Braun, CTO, PhD AI

With over 30 years in AI and software across 5 sectors, Harald co-founded AI start-ups, excelling in cross-sector software integration. He blends property enthusiasm and extensive AI skills to bring Planning Hub’s tech potential to life.

Our aim: Transforming planning through expertise, technology, and innovation.

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