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Empowering your property project: from simple extensions to grand developments, unleash the potential with the Planning Hub Report!

We look at a lot of information to give you fast and easy answers to hard planning questions.

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Unraveling Planning Regulations

What our report includes

Executive summary

In this part of the report, we give you a straightforward response to your questions about planning for your site and project. We use easy words so you can grasp the planning rules, predict the outcome of your planning application, and prevent the need for design rework or delays. All of this is done efficiently, without any time wasted.

Relevant Planning Legislation

In this part, we list the planning regulations that matter for your site and project. We start with big national frameworks and go to smaller local ones, even the planning zone specific. You can click to see all the exact regulations in our planning library. We also make a short summary of the most important rules at the end, to make it easier for you.

Relevant Planning Applications

Here, we start with planning history of your site and than we list planning applications that matter for your project nearby. We even give you links to these applications. The map view shows you which properties these requests are about, so you can see exactly what got approved and de-risk your application documentation.

List of documents to be submitted with planning applications

Lastly, we want to tell you about the documents you need to give when you apply for planning. If you do everything right from the beginning, it can help prevent delays and rejections while they look at your application. Also, if we can, we might give you a list of extra things you might think about to make the most of your site

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