pilot Projects

Local wisdom: tapping into success through insights from alike developments

By gathering planning data from local precedents,  complete potential of the infill development site was unveiled. The planning application was split into stages, mirroring the trajectory of similar developments, and proactively dealt with any potentially concerning factors during the pre-application phase.

Our analysis of relevant planning context help in predicting outcome of planning application

Unmapped local parade restricts commercial-to-residential conversions under permitted development

A missed detail on the council’s planning map hides important local parade which limits the conversion of commercial units into residences through permitted development. Since the maximum number of conversions has been reached, it’s currently not possible to convert a ground floor shop into a residential flat.

Our comprehensive report gathers dispersed data sources, providing an informed investment strategy

Unlock development site potential: swift appraisal with full planning insights

Our planning report compiles crucial local legislation and planning regulations, encompassing minimum distances between buildings and maximum development densities. This aids site appraisals and valuations seamlessly providing planning design considerations.

Our planning regulations assessment enables establishing of land's potential and its corresponding value

Full planning needed due to small outrigger: rear extension heights restricted outside conservation zone

Our planning report spotlighted a recent shift in local planning strategy, leading to refusals of larger rear extensions under prior approval. Recent applications mandated full submissions with limited eaves height, prompting a shift in design strategy.

Our planning insights capture recent planning intricacies, preventing design reworks and delays

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